My parents travel quite a lot.

Pop takes pictures.

My mom poses for them.

Over the years I have gotten many delightful pictures in the mail, with exposition written on the back in ball-point pen. I thought I would make my mother famous by posting some of my favorites on my website. Come with me and let's see the world, Mom-style!

Location: En Route to Washington DC

Our rental car broke down today, and we are too far from Bruce to ask him to pick us up. Fortunately, we met some very nice boys and girls who agreed to give us a ride. Meet Starshine, Weed, and Honey! Weed had a very unkempt beard, like a monster, but when I told him how much better he would look if he trimmed it, Starshine and Honey laughed and made him do it right then and there. See how nice he looks now? They agreed to give us a ride, and we had a wonderful time. They asked us to come over for Tea sometime, which we thought was very continental of them.

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