In 2003, Laurel and I went on a week-long camping trip! I kept a journal, and below you will find it transcribed! Because it is a direct transcription, you may find it under-edited and over-rambling. Well, you may find all my writing to be that way, but this is even moreso.

Day 1: Fear and Loathing on the home front, Mitchell! (Warning: Contains metaphor involving McDonald's product)
Day 2: The corn palace, the petrified forest, Wall Drug, the Badlands, Crystal Cavern, The Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, Needles Highway (Warning: Contains many synonyms for dinosaur dung)
Day 3: A setback, Deadwood, Crazy Horse, Termespheres, Devil's Tower (Warning: Contains self-pity about a colleagues relative youth)
Day 4: The bighorn mountains, Steamboat Sam, Shell Falls, Emblem, Outside of Yellowstone (Warning: Contains a Zen Koan)
Day 5: Yellowstone galore (Warning: Contains Laurel's scary fight with a monster)
Day 6: Earthquake lake, Montana Proper, Lewis and Clark Caverns, Pine Creek (Warning: Contains completely offensive proposed commercial for Menards)
Day 7: Pompeii's pillar, Theodore Roosevelt national park, The world's largest holstein cow, Welcoming reception at Laurel's Mom's house (Warning: Contains anaphora)

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� Douglas J. Shaw, 2003