Doug's Essays

How to Make Your Workshop/Meeting/Conference Middle-Aged Friendly! 6/2016
You Can't Predict a Caucus 1/2016
To Blazes With Teaching Tolerance 3/2014
Auld Lang Syne
Doctor Doug's Guide to Steel Cut Oats
My Minute with Susan
Doctor Doug's Guide to Winter Holiday Reading! 11/2011
Just Answer the Freaking Question 4/2007
Testicles and the Justice League of America 1/2007
The A & E ification of Mike Myers 1/2006
How many Polish Math Professors Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb? 5/2005
Doug's Favorite Movie Moments 4/2005
What Would You Have Done? 3/2004
Doug's Three Minute Scrabble Tip 1/2004
Doug and Laurel in America 6/2003
Some of Doug's Favorite Web Animations 5/2003 updated 2014
Dad and the Maple Men 7/2002
Advanced Proctoring Techniques 5/2002
Doug, Basho, and Axel Thu 3/1992 updated 2002
The Case for Jews and Christmas Presents 6/2000 updated 2002
Don't talk to me about Gene Hackman 3/2002
Doug's Message to Scandinavians 2/2002
Don't eat at the Olive Garden 12/2001 updated 2002
Psychedelic Clowns and the Ultimate Popcorn     7/2001
Boticelli, Self-censorship, and Calculus 6/2001

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