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1st: Each day, like a bird, perfect thyself first, and eat Chicago Mix and Rum-Balls and Garlic Mashed Potatoes next.  Think & act 10 years ahead!  And the man without fault?  His name was Saint Andreas.  Do several things at a time!  Multiple windows!  Multitask!  Then teach friend and enemy “How to work and how to love” with Madame Lapsan and World Wide All One Web, OK!  OK!

Warning! Take care of eyes! Sit Back! Sit Back!

2nd: Use Dr. Shaw's to stimulate mind, body, spirit! Pure personal page for students, friends, lovers, seekers, finders, actors, victims. Leave on Browser to look appealing to others, bookmark to look appealing to self. Connection slow when cold below -50 F.

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3rd: Old Fred: H is for hurry, E is for urgent, L is for love me, P is for please help, with the mathematics 123 of Science!

4th: Enjoy only 2 cosmetics, enough sleep & Dr. Shaw’s ‘Magic Page’ to lift mind-soul-spirit instantly uniting Open Source , Open Heart.  Absolute clean code is next to absolute Godliness!  Read page 3 or 4 times ‘til uplifted.  Rinse track-ball in plain hot water and rub all over body.  Remember track-balls? Health is wealth.  Within 9 minutes you feel fresh, mint-clean, saving 90% of hard-drive space to keep all of the Internet wisdom on  Teach the Human Race the Usenet 123 of Collatz faith! Even if your grades are bad, it doesn't mean you're failing! Bring your etch-a-sketch to work, and play your ukulele with Amanda! OK!

Half a century on Spaceship Earth!

5th: Over one point five million AP problems to grade each represents sister brother son daughter working and striving to learn the mathematical 123. Radians not degrees! Three decimal place accuracy! Shaw, Stanley, Riehl!

6th: Birth control to avoid Easter-Island-like overpopulation on Spaceship Earth. Browsing World Wide-All-One Web prevents any sort of romantic attention, prevention of intimacy intercourse inflection infection! OK! OK! 7th: Listen to music from your past and then teach friend and enemy to dump AOL... World-Wide-All-One Web! Protect and teach in spite of DRM, MPAA, DMCA, RIAA! Not animal tested! Open-source or none! 8th: Tiptoe through the tulips, send me dead flowers at my wedding. The world is such a wonderful place to wander through, my huckleberry friend! The porpoise is laughing. It must have been the roses!
Do what's right! Enlarge the positive! Replace the negative! Don't replace it twice because then you haven't done anything. A great teacher must, first, a self-supporting hardworker be, like Bronner, Duncan, Gilchrist, Pattee, Crews! Oh, Bronner, my Bronner, may our minds be pure as bodies cleansed with your soap!